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After 2019 ‘Great Uprising,’ the struggle continues in Ecuador- Worker’s World

Date: Oct 27, 2020

Ecuador’s regime mobilized all 47,000 national police to repress massive worker-student demonstrations in Quito, the capital, and 17 provinces of the country on Oct. 22.

Only four days earlier, the government of right-wing President Lenín Moreno was forced to concede to Andrés Arauz the right to represent the Citizens’ Revolution (RC) as its candidate for president in the upcoming election in February 2021. Arauz and running mate Carlos Rabascall will campaign under the sign of UNES, “Union for Hope.”

Memories of last October’s mass uprising, sparked by a massive revolt against a price hike for gasoline, haunt the Moreno regime. The revolt brought Indigenous organizations, such as the CONAIE, into the streets along with people from every sector including the Citizens’ Revolution, the party of former President Rafael Correa.

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