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A Green Scam – National Review

Date: Sep 26, 2014

In this corner, we have a human-rights lawyer representing the interests of indigenous people in the Amazon residing in a remote corner of Ecuador polluted by the by-products of oil exploration; in the opposite corner we have Chevron, a multinational petroleum behemoth with billions of dollars in cash on hand but refusing to part with a dollar in the cause of justice for the beleaguered Ecuadorian tribesmen. It is a testament to the vapidness, incuriosity, and corruption of the intellectual classes, from the editors of Vanity Fair to celebrity activists such as Mr. and Mrs. Sting, that this black-hats/white-hats version of events was sufficient reason for the luminaries of the Left to hitch themselves to what turns out to be almost certainly the largest attempt at extortion in recorded human history. Read more>>