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8/31/09 – Chevron Ecuador Judge Nunez bribery scandal – implications

Date: Aug 31, 2009

[archive-title]“Chevron Ecuador Judge Nunez bribery scandal – implications
Zennie 62 – City Brights, August 31, 2009
“In a blockbuster development, Ecuador Judge Juan Nunez, the key legal figure in the Chevron Ecuador environmental damage case, is captured in a video shown here explaining that he plans to rule against the oil giant and for an award of $27 billion “more or less”. The judge explains that the verdict will happen and that Chevron will be blocked from filing an appeal of his ruling. In that segment of the video, the Judge explains he’s only there to talk about the verdict, not about “the other stuff” which refers to a $3 million payoff request. Later in the video its implied that Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa will benefit from the bribe amount.”
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