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2nd Atty Ordered To Keep Representing Donziger- Law360

Date: Sep 4, 2020

A New York federal judge on Thursday ordered a second attorney for Chevron foe Steven Donziger to continue representing him for his upcoming trial, saying an email from the attorney, Martin Garbus, seeking to bail from acting as Donziger’s counsel does not relieve him of his duties.

Garbus’ email telling the judge he cannot act as counsel for Donziger followed attorney Andrew Frisch was recently added back to the defense team after telling U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska that there is simply no way he can represent Donziger because their relationship is “beyond repair.”

Frisch has hired his own attorney to represent him in his attempts to get out of representing Donziger. Garbus’ email sent at 4:52 a.m. Thursday said he wanted to “make it clear that I am not going to participate in any way” in Donziger’s trial, which is scheduled to begin Wednesday.

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