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Lago Agrio: The Mystery Of Amazonia – Letters Blogatory

Date: Sep 20, 2018

Amazonia Recovery Ltd. was a Gibraltar company set up to hold the proceeds of the Lago Agrio judgment, or maybe the judgment itself. As I’ve reported previously, Chevron obtained a default judgment against the firm in Gibraltar, and in the New York RICO case, the final judgment required Steven Donziger, the LAPs’ American lawyer, to execute a stock power assigning to Chevron his interest in Amazonia. This injunction has led to a strange satellite litigation. Chevron claimed that Donziger, when executing the stock power, had attached an “addendum” that asserted that the transfer of the shares was impermissible. The addendum asserted that the Amazonia entity was “null and void,” and perhaps that it did not even exist anymore. Judge Kaplan therefore made a very specific order, requiring Donziger to provide the stock power without any addendum, signed and acknowledged before a notary. There was some more skirmishing—I have read the papers so you don’t have to. Read more>>