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Lago Agrio: Donziger Held In Contempt – Letters Blogatory

Date: May 28, 2019

On May 23, Steven Donziger, the American lawyer for the Lago Ario plaintiffs, was held in contempt of court in post-judgment proceedings in New York. Chevron first moved to hold Donziger in contempt in March 2018, and it has filed a series of motions since then. I have covered the contempt issues, though not exhaustively, in several posts, which you can find by browsing through this archive.

Judge Kaplan held that Donziger had failed to assign his entire interest in the Lago Agrio judgment to Chevron, that he had profited from the sale of interests in the Ecuadoran judgment, and that he had failed to comply with his discovery obligations by turning over his electronic devices. I am not going to review all the evidence in detail. Rather, I will just touch on a few points.