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January 16, 2019

Juan Andrés Baquerizo admitted his fault in the United States on case Petroecuador – Ecuador Times

In January 2019 there will be a new sentence in the case of bribes in Petroecuador, but it will be in the United States. Juan Andres Baquerizo Escobar, of the Oil Services & Solutions (OSS) company, pleaded guilty to money laundering in the Florida proceeding against him and his sentence will be heard on the 18th of next month. According to the statement signed by Baquerizo Escobar and his lawyer, the bribes paid to Petroecuador employees reached $ 1.72 million between 2012 and 2016, with a view to obtaining public contracts. OSS performed works at the Esmeraldas and La Libertad refineries for $ 37.8 million. Read more>>

January 15, 2019

Ecuador recovers 13.5 million from Illicit Odebrecht – Prensa Latina

Authorities of the government of Ecuador assured on Monday that the country recovered 13.5 million dollars from illicit acts of the Brazilian company Odebrecht, for which it is investigated. Details were offered at a press conference by the private secretary of the presidency, Juan Sebastian Roldan, the undersecretary general of Political Action, Ivan Granda, and the director of the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit, Diana Salazar. After several months of actions and negotiations, a written commitment has been obtained, by Mr. Mario Tomislav Granado, to consign to the Ecuadorian state, the value of 13.5 million dollars, that amounts to several transfers registered in his Telconet company, by Glory International, an offshore company, based in Hong Kong, Salazar said. Read more>>

January 14, 2019
Ecuador Julian Assange - Ecuador political news

Ecuador denies Assange’s embassy conditions deteriorated – AFP

Ecuador on Friday denied media reports that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had been made to sleep on the floor and denied heating at the country’s London embassy. In a statement, the presidency’s communication secretary dismissed the claims as “TOTALLY FALSE,” and said the embassy’s heating system “is working normally.” “No furniture has been removed from his room, which is accessed by an electronic key for his exclusive use,” the statement added. Assange, 47, has been living in the embassy since seeking refuge there in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faced sexual assault charges that have since expired. Read more>>

January 9, 2019

Two Former Officials to Be Tried in Ecuador – Prensa Latina

The Ecuadorian National Assembly will analyze on Tuesday some requests from the National Court of Justice to authorize trials against former Vice President Maria Alejandra Vicuña and former legislator Norma Vallejo, for alleged concussion. Vicuña and Vallejo are being investigated for supposedly having used their posts as legislators to ask for contributions, in own benefit to members of their work teams. The crime, according to the Penal Code, is punishable with three-to-five-year custodial sentences. Read more>>

January 8, 2019

Ecuador unveils ‘special examination’ of Assange’s asylum – Axis of Logic

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose courageous publication of leaked documents exposed the crimes and mass surveillance of the US and its allies, is facing a new threat to expel him from Ecuador’s London embassy. He was granted political asylum there in 2012 to protect him from being extradited to the US to face possible life imprisonment, or even execution, on trumped-up espionage or conspiracy charges. Having already cut off Assange’s internet access and communication with the outside world last March, in an effort to coerce him into leaving the embassy, Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno has set in motion a pseudo-legal inquisition to provide a cover for his government to repudiate its asylum obligations. Read more>>

January 7, 2019

Lenín Moreno says he will ask the UN for help to investigate Correa’s “shameful” corruption – Ecuador Times

The Government of Ecuador will ask the United Nations to support an investigation into the situation of social security and hydroelectric, as it did in oil projects and whose results are “shameful,” said the country’s president, Lenin Moreno. In a message to the nation, the president said he has asked the United Nations to support an investigation into the situation in the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS), because he suspects that there also “resources had been squandered”. Read more>>

January 4, 2019

Ecuador president demands probe into predecessor’s oil projects – Reuters

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno on Thursday asked the country’s prosecutor to probe $4.9 billion of oil-related infrastructure projects, alleging that the OPEC nation’s money was looted during the decade-long tenure of his leftist predecessor. Moreno said there were massive cost overruns, operational failings and non-transparent bidding processes at the five projects built during Rafael Correa’s presidency, including a $2.2 billion upgrade to the Esmeraldas refinery. “Nearly $5 billion of Ecuadoreans’ money, when it should have cost half that,” Moreno said in a national broadcast. “This theft of public funds cannot go unpunished.” Read more>>

December 19, 2018

Judge asks authorization to the Assembly to prosecute former vice president María Alejandra Vicuña – Ecuador Times

Five days after the Prosecutor’s Office asked the National Court of Justice to set a time and date for the hearing to formulate charges against formervice-president María Alejandra Vicuña, for the crime of concussion, on Monday, Judge Ivan Saquicela Rodas asked the National Assembly the authorization for criminal prosecution. Vicuña was accused by her ex-adviser Ángel Sabgay of allegedly demanding money every month, in exchange for keeping him in office when she was an assembly member between 2012 and 2014. Read more>>

December 18, 2018

Odebrecht paid bribes in Ecuador for the works Baba and Carrizal-Chone – Ecuador Times

Four deliveries of money, between February 2007 and July 2009, totaling $ 442,754 in the name of the Carrizal-Chone and Multipropósito Baba projects, are part ofthe account statements that were delivered to the Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office Marcelo Odebrecht, chief executive of the construction company, involved in the biggest corruption scandal in Latin America. The heir, 52, who is now at home with parole, gave the information between last February and April. He did so as part of the effective cooperation agreement he has with the Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office – the equivalent of the State Attorney General’s Office in countries such as Ecuador – within the Lava Jato case. Read more>>

December 13, 2018

Ecuador President Lenin Moreno gets $1B from China during visit – United Press International

Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno said Wednesday China has given $1 billion in loans and aid to help the South American nation with a variety of matters. Moreno said Ecuador received the money in three disbursements — including $900 million in loans, $30 million in aid and $69.3 million for reconstruction work after a recent earthquake. Moreno made the announcement Wednesday on the second of a three-day visit to Beijing, during which he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Read more>>

December 12, 2018

Ecuador congress names 35-year-old broadcaster as new vice president – Reuters

Ecuador’s congress on Tuesday named a 35-year-old radio broadcaster and economist as the country’s new vice president, a week after his predecessor resigned amid an investigation into payments she received as a legislator years ago. Otto Sonnenholzner became the third person to hold the post under President Lenin Moreno, who took office last May. Read more>>

December 11, 2018

Ecuador: Assembly to Pick New VP, Right-winger Expected to Win – teleSUR

Ecuador’s National Assembly to choose between three vice presidents on Tuesday, Otto Sonnenholzer, endorsed by right, expected to win. Ecuador’s National Assembly will elect the country’s newest vice president on Tuesday between three candidates presented last Thursday by President Lenin Moreno. Read more>>