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Read the latest political news out of Ecuador including new and ongoing issues, the political system, and the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

September 6, 2017

The first 100 days of Lenin Moreno’s government: Fewer attacks on free expression but no progress on reforms – IFEX

The first 100 days of the administration of Lenin Moreno promised changes, not only with the call for open dialogue, …

September 5, 2017

Former Ecuador President Correa Goes to Bat for VP Linked to Odebrecht Corruption – PanAm Post

Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa posted a video on Facebook saying he would defend President Jorge Glas — his former Vice President — against any claims of alleged involvement in the Odebrecht corruption case. “It’s a good idea,” he argued, and claimed that Glas is an “honest man.” Last month, Glas asked the Alliance PAIS political coalition to lift his immunity because has done nothing wrong and therefore has nothing to fear. Read more>>

August 30, 2017

Ecuador Court Bars VP from Leaving Country – Latin American Herald Tribune

The Ecuadorian National Court of Justice barred Vice President Jorge Glas on Tuesday from leaving the country because he, along with other suspects, is being subjected to a formal investigatory hearing related to the Odebrecht corruption case, the Attorney General’s Office said. The travel prohibition was imposed “taking into consideration that, during the development of the pretrial and trial phase, (Glas) has attended all the hearings held by the Attorney General’s Office.” Read more>>

August 29, 2017

Ecuador’s Vice-President Jorge Glas faces corruption charges – The Globe and Mail

Ecuador’s Vice-President has been stripped of his duties and will face investigation on corruption charges, the highest-profile target yet in a simmering scandal that threatens political stability at a critical time for the country. Jorge Glas stands accused of taking bribes to facilitate Ecuadoran infrastructure contracts for the Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht S.A. He maintains his innocence. Read more>>

August 25, 2017

Ecuador’s congress green-lights corruption probe against VP – Associated Presss

Ecuador’s congress cleared the way Friday for Vice President Jorge Glas to be investigated for allegedly taking bribes from a Brazilian construction giant involved in a sprawling regional graft scandal. The unanimous vote by the legislature makes Glas the highest-ranking official in Ecuador to be probed for purportedly receiving some of the $33 million that Brazil’s Odebrecht has acknowledged paying in exchange for contracts. Read more>>

August 24, 2017

Ecuador’s Assembly will analyze Friday prosecutor’s request to allow Vice President to stand trial – Andes

Ecuador’s National Assembly will analyze Friday the National Court of Justice’s request to allow Vice President Jorge Glas to stand trial for corruption. Assembly members from different parities reacted to such request and for some; this is his opportunity to prove he is innocent. Read more>>

August 23, 2017

Richard Proaño: ‘I was dismissed for ruling against Ricardo Rivera.’ – Ecuador Times

Richard Proaño was a judge of the Childhood and Adolescence of the Guayas Province and says that they wanted to bribe him to rule in favor of Ricardo Rivera, uncle of vice president Jorge Glas, in a trial for alimony in 2011. Read more>>

August 21, 2017

Ecuador’s Former and Current Presidents Continue to Trade Insults over Legacy – PanAm Post

Fighting continues between the former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa and current President Lenin Moreno, his former Vice President — this time about whether younger generations in the country should trust Moreno’s leadership. Read more>>

August 21, 2017

Ecuador prosecutor to present corruption case against vice president – Reuters

Ecuador’s top prosecutor said on Monday he would present evidence of corruption against the country’s embattled vice president, who was stripped of his duties by a presidential decree that stopped short of firing him earlier this month. Read more>>

August 10, 2017

Lenin Moreno apologized for the public policies of the administration of Rafael Correa – Ecuador Times

President Lenin Moreno apologized Wednesday for some public policies that were implemented in the last decade during the government of former President Rafael Correa in the education and health fields. Read more>>

August 8, 2017

Ecuador’s President Announces Austerity Measures Amid Dire Economic Conditions – Sputnik News

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno announced the introduction of a number of austerity measures, and even the cancellation of high-level purchases in an effort to alleviate the critical economic situation in the country, local media reported Tuesday. Read more>>

August 4, 2017

Ecuador’s Moreno Faces Ruling Party Split – Bloomberg Politics

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno’s bid to chart his own path following Rafael Correa’s decade in power gained traction Thursday as he stripped his vice president and Correa-loyalist, Jorge Glas, of his duties a day after Glas accused him of betraying the ruling party. In an executive decree, Moreno said Glas had “failed to duly understand” that loyalty and commitment to the administration included “serving the fatherland by unifying efforts.” Read more>>