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December 19, 2018

Judge asks authorization to the Assembly to prosecute former vice president María Alejandra Vicuña – Ecuador Times

Five days after the Prosecutor’s Office asked the National Court of Justice to set a time and date for the hearing to formulate charges against formervice-president María Alejandra Vicuña, for the crime of concussion, on Monday, Judge Ivan Saquicela Rodas asked the National Assembly the authorization for criminal prosecution. Vicuña was accused by her ex-adviser Ángel Sabgay of allegedly demanding money every month, in exchange for keeping him in office when she was an assembly member between 2012 and 2014. Read more>>

December 18, 2018

Odebrecht paid bribes in Ecuador for the works Baba and Carrizal-Chone – Ecuador Times

Four deliveries of money, between February 2007 and July 2009, totaling $ 442,754 in the name of the Carrizal-Chone and Multipropósito Baba projects, are part ofthe account statements that were delivered to the Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office Marcelo Odebrecht, chief executive of the construction company, involved in the biggest corruption scandal in Latin America. The heir, 52, who is now at home with parole, gave the information between last February and April. He did so as part of the effective cooperation agreement he has with the Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office – the equivalent of the State Attorney General’s Office in countries such as Ecuador – within the Lava Jato case. Read more>>

December 13, 2018

Ecuador President Lenin Moreno gets $1B from China during visit – United Press International

Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno said Wednesday China has given $1 billion in loans and aid to help the South American nation with a variety of matters. Moreno said Ecuador received the money in three disbursements — including $900 million in loans, $30 million in aid and $69.3 million for reconstruction work after a recent earthquake. Moreno made the announcement Wednesday on the second of a three-day visit to Beijing, during which he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Read more>>

December 12, 2018

Ecuador congress names 35-year-old broadcaster as new vice president – Reuters

Ecuador’s congress on Tuesday named a 35-year-old radio broadcaster and economist as the country’s new vice president, a week after his predecessor resigned amid an investigation into payments she received as a legislator years ago. Otto Sonnenholzner became the third person to hold the post under President Lenin Moreno, who took office last May. Read more>>

December 11, 2018

Ecuador: Assembly to Pick New VP, Right-winger Expected to Win – teleSUR

Ecuador’s National Assembly to choose between three vice presidents on Tuesday, Otto Sonnenholzer, endorsed by right, expected to win. Ecuador’s National Assembly will elect the country’s newest vice president on Tuesday between three candidates presented last Thursday by President Lenin Moreno. Read more>>

December 10, 2018

Ecuador faces a huge budget deficit because of loans it received from China – Los Angeles Times

Rafael Correa wanted to fast-track development projects when he was president of Ecuador, so he borrowed billions of dollars from China. But the loans have come back to haunt his successor, Lenin Moreno, who will go hat in hand to China this month to seek more flexible terms and breathing space. A onetime ally and now bitter enemy of Correa, Moreno and his government are straining under a huge budget deficit caused partly by obligations to the Chinese, whose loans financed roads, dams, schools and office buildings during Correa’s time in office from 2007 to 2017. Read more>>

December 6, 2018

Interpol rejects Ecuador request to call for Correa’s arrest – Associated Press

The international police agency INTERPOL has rejected the Ecuadoran government’s request to issue an international call for the arrest of a former president who is being investigated for the alleged kidnapping of an opposition leader. Ecuador’s Supreme Court said on Wednesday that INTERPOL refused to issue a red notice for Rafael Correa, who has been accused of ordering the 2012 kidnapping of political rival Fernando Balda. Correa denies the allegation and says it is part of a campaign by the current government to discredit him and destroy his leftist movement. Read more>>

December 6, 2018

Moreno will have to find his third vice president – Ecuador Times

The pressure was stronger. In less than a week, María Alejandra Vicuña became vice president of the Republic, and close to President Lenin Moreno, a personun comfortable for the Government. That discomfort motivated her resignation, yesterday, through a video and a letter sent to the media. As usual during her last days in office, Vicuña evaded questions from the press and preferred to communicate her decisions without being questioned. Read more>>

December 4, 2018

Ecuador VP removed, accused of taking kickbacks from aide – Associated Press

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno on Monday suspended his vice president, who faces allegations that as a congresswoman she took kickbacks from a staff member. The removal of Maria Alejandra Vicuna came after she requested an unpaid leave of absence until January so she could prepare her defense in a probe started last week by Ecuador’s chief prosecutor. She said she was doing so as not to interfere with government work. Read more>>

December 3, 2018

77 Assembly members ask for resignation of Vice President María Alejandra Vicuña – Ecuador Times

The assembly members are aware that the departure of María Alejandra Vicuña from the office of the Vice President of the Republic would not be as fast as they demand, except if it accepts the exhortation approved on Thursday to resign. Read more>>

November 8, 2018

Work of Ecuadorian President Disapproved – Prensa Latina

Fifty-one percent of Ecuadorians disapproves the work of current President Lenin Moreno, according to a study made by CEDATOS, published on Monday in the institution”s website. The survey also indicates that 41.1 percent of the people questioned were in favor of the Ecuadorian President’s work, a figure lower than the 44.6 percent registered last August, and a 6.7 percent did not give a response. Read more>>

November 8, 2018

Ecuador’s ex-president ordered to stand trial over botched kidnapping – AP

Ecuador’s top court ordered former President Rafael Correa on Wednesday to stand trial for his alleged role in the 2012 botched kidnapping of an opposition lawmaker. Correa was charged in September by prosecutors of orchestrating Fernando Balda’s kidnapping in Bogota after he fled to Colombia’s capital to escape what he considered persecution by Correa. Read more>>