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Ecuador Political News

Read the latest political news out of Ecuador including new and ongoing issues, the political system, and the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

January 18, 2017

Twitter accounts of the critics of Correa’s government are hacked – Ecuador Times

Last night six Twitter accounts of opponents and critics of the government of Rafael Correa were reported as hacked. So far, any group has been held responsible for the hacking. Read more>>

January 16, 2017

A prosecutor of the Petroecuador case was suspended; Rafael Correa questions this – Ecuador Times

The 90-day suspension of prosecutor Segundo Tibanlombo by the Attorney General’s Office forced Judge Karen Matamoros to defer the installation of the preliminary hearing for the bribery offense within the Petroecuador case. 18 people, including Carlos Pareja Yanuzzelli, former Minister of Hydrocarbons; And Alex Bravo, former manager of Petroecuador, are included in the list of the defendants. Read more>>

January 5, 2017
Ecuador political news

Attacks on freedom of expression in Ecuador increase due to the application of the communications law, according to report – Journalism in the Americas

The main attacks on freedom of expression in Ecuador during 2016 were a result of the application of the controversial Organic Law of Communication, in force since 2013, according to the 2016 report from freedom of expression organization Fundamedios. Read more>>

January 4, 2017

Race to replace Ecuador’s Correa begins amid corruption scandal, uncertainty – Miami Herald

Ecuador kicked off its presidential campaign Tuesday amid a looming economic crisis, a lingering corruption scandal and a thirst for change that analysts say may hamper President Rafael Correa’s hopes of putting a successor into power to continue his “Citizens Revolution.” Read more>>

January 3, 2017

U.N. experts slam Ecuador over forced closure of land rights group – Reuters

The United Nations criticized the government of Ecuador on Friday for ordering the closure of a land rights advocacy group that supports an indigenous community protesting mining plans in land they claim as their ancestral home. Read more>>

December 22, 2016

What’s Behind Indigenous Community Mining Conflict in Ecuador? – teleSUR

Several Indigenous groups have come out against the violence carried out by members of one Indigenous group who killed a police officer. Members of an Indigenous community inside the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador have turned their protest against a mining company into a violent conflict that has brought international attention to the small South American nation and its Indigenous communities. Read more>>

December 21, 2016

Protests in Quito against the Government’s mining project after Morona incidents – Ecuador Times

Monday, the Plaza Grande, in front of the Government Palace, was the scene of a protest against a mining project. Social groups such as the Assembly of the Southern Peoples, YASunidos, Minka Urbana, and others, participated were part of a sit-in carrying music and posters. Read more>>

December 16, 2016

Court confirms pretrial detention for two defendants in the Petroecuador case – Ecuador Times

Thursday the Appeal Court of the Provincial Court of Justice confirmed the custody ordered since November 11 against Marco C., former manager of Petroecuador and Eduardo V., contractor of Petroecuador and former oil official, who remain in detention, investigated for alleged organized crime. Read more>>

December 15, 2016

Ecuador Declares State of Emergency After Attack on Copper Mine – Associated Press

Ecuador’s government has declared a state of emergency and is moving troops to an Amazonian region where a Chinese-owned mine was attacked by protesters challenging President Rafael Correa’s efforts to develop the minerals industry. Read more>>

December 8, 2016

Israel Condemns Ecuadorian Ambassador who Compared Palestinian Conflict to Nazi Genocide – PanAm Post

Israeli officials expressed their disapproval this week of a speech given by Ecuador Ambassador Horacio Sevilla in the United Nation in which he criticized Israel’s relationship with Palestine. The Israeli government described the speech of the Ecuadorian ambassador in which he compared Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazi regime as “inaccurate” and “plagued with historical deformations.” Read more>>

December 7, 2016

Israel strongly protests against Ecuador over UN ambassador’s speech – Ecuador Times

The Israeli government has summoned the charge d’affaires of Ecuador in Israel to protest against a speech that the Ecuadorian UN ambassador gave a few days ago, and this country considered “inaccurate” and “riddled with historical distortions.” Read more>>

December 5, 2016

Corruption within Petroecuador splashes 80 officials and contractors – Ecuador Times

The Petroecuador case triggered reactions after the Attorney General´s office confirmed that the current manager of Petroecuador, Pedro Merizalde, is being investigated for alleged perjury. Vice President Jorge Glas and candidate for the government binomial, defended the director of the state oil company. On Thursday, December 1, during the appointment of the new manager of the Esmeraldas Refinery, the second president said that the investigation against Merizalde “has to be filed.” Read more>>