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Read the latest political news out of Ecuador including new and ongoing issues, the political system, and the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

March 19, 2018

Socialist leaders Correa and Iglesias: freedom of the press ‘has limits’ – PanAm Post

During his TV show on RT (Russia Today), Conversando con Correa (Speaking with Correa), the former President of Ecuador interviewed communist Spanish politician Pablo Iglesias. Iglesias supports Chavismo in Venezuela and ran for president in Spain under the left-wing party, Podemos. Correa opened his show saying: “Since the invention of the printing press, freedom of the press depends on the will of the owner”. This statement is commonly credited to Correa, but he claims to have hear it from the current Cuban dictator, Raul Castro, who inherited the throne from his brother, Fidel. Read more>>

March 14, 2018

CPJ visits Ecuador to measure press freedom after the Correa era – Ecuador Times

CPJ is an independent non-profit organization that defends press freedom throughout the world. A delegation of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is in Ecuador to evaluate press freedom and investigate restrictions and threats to media and professionals nine months after Rafael Correa handed over the government to Lenin Moreno. The high-level mission that will remain in the country until next Friday, formally began today in the city of Guayaquil its meetings with journalists, associations and media to see first hand the situation facing the sector and assess whether the Moreno’s executive complies with his promises of greater respect for journalism. “There is a concern about the situation of press freedom in Ecuador since the Correa administration, we came several times to speak with journalists and exchange views,” Joel Simon, executive director of CPJ, told Efe. Read more>>

March 13, 2018

Ecuadorian Petroleum company and UAFE will implement Anti-Money Laundering Unit – Ecuador Times

The public company of Petroleum, Petroecuador, reported that together with the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE) they will implement an anti-money laundering unit. The UAFE is the technical entity responsible for the collection of information, reporting, execution of national policies and strategies for the prevention and eradication of money laundering and the financing of crimes. Read more>>

March 7, 2018

Petroamazonas accumulates invoices for $2,222 million – Ecuador Times

The accounts continue to grow. The public company Petroamazonas inherited debts from the government of former president Rafael Correa. The lack of resources amounts to 1,558 million dollars. The millionaire ‘financial gap’ has repercussions on the suppliers of the oil company. Accounts payable exceed 2,222 million dollars. Since 2013, the Ministry of Finance has not delivered the full budget to Petroamazonas. That generated an accumulated debt that President Correa and his cabinet ignored. Read more>>

March 7, 2018

The allegations of corruption begin to point to Correa – Ecuador Times

The Presidency of the Republic provided the ‘proof’ that was missing from the Comptroller’s Office to request the connection of former President Rafael Correa in the investigation into the negotiation of the Singue oil block in 2012, which would have reported losses for the State. As in all previous allegations of corruption, the former president assures that he knew nothing. The control entity had suspicions about the level of access that Correa had to the terms of the negotiation. He lacked the documents to prove it. Read more>>

February 28, 2018
Ecuador political news

Ecuador seeks to lure investors by expanding oil auction: minister – Reuters

Ecuador will increase the number of oil and gas areas it plans to offer in an auction next month by including mature crude fields and an offshore gas field, oil minister Carlos Perez told Reuters on Tuesday. Many Latin American countries are trying to improve their offerings and contract rules to secure foreign investment amid intense regional competitions this year, with major auctions expected in Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay. Read more>>

February 27, 2018

Ecuador seeks to seal cooperation deal on petroleum refinery with Qatar – Xinhua

Ecuador hopes to attract investment from Qatar and to enhance cooperation by setting up a large petroleum refinery in the Latin American country, Qatar’s local media reported Monday. The remarks were made by visiting Ecuador’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Investments Pablo Campana Saenz Sunday evening during a meeting with local journalists. The minister said that Ecuador aims to build a refinery with a production capacity of approximately 325,000 barrels of crude oil per day (bpd). Read more>>

February 27, 2018

Ecuador offers 2.8 mln bbl of Oriente crude for March – Reuters

Petroecuador is offering 2.8 million barrels of Oriente crude for delivery in March, the Ecuadoran state-run oil company’s head said on Monday. Ecuador will deliver the crude in eight shipments of 360,000 barrels, Carlos Tejeda said as he announced Ecuador’s second oil sale via tender so far this year. Read more>>

February 20, 2018

Trade liberalization, one of the core elements of the Ecuadorian government – Andes

The agreement with the European Union, as well as Ecuador’s policies towards trade liberalization are the actions highlighted by authorities of the Foreign Trade Ministry in Ecuador. Minister Pablo Campana stressed out that their visits to the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Switzerland, the UAE, Spain, Russia, Argentina and the UK with the aim of presenting investment projects accounted for 33 billion dollars. Read more>>

February 15, 2018

Ecuador even sold the oil it did not have in 2016 – Ecuador Times

In the last presale signed by Petroecuador with Petrotailandia, the previous government promised to deliver crude oil that it did not have. That contract raised oil delivery commitments during 2017 to 123.9 million barrels, despite the fact that the country only had 111 million available for export. The agreement with the Thai company was signed on December 1, 2016, by the then manager of Petroecuador, Pedro Merizalde, who is currently investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office, of course, money laundering. Read more>>

February 13, 2018

Dinosaurs, Clinging to Power in Latin America – Splinter

In Latin America there are a group of presidents — political dinosaurs — who have stuck around for a long time because they refuse to give up power. They consider themselves indispensable, yet have no idea how much damage they’re doing to democracy and their respective nations. In Ecuador, President Rafael Correa was in power from 2007 to 2017, but he wanted more. He was already setting himself up to run again in 2021, but in a recent referendum, almost two-thirds of voters in Ecuador said no to Correa, and yes to presidential term limits. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if Correa made another attempt to return to the presidency, whether by hook or by crook. I interviewed Correa years ago, and he refused to call Cuba’s Fidel Castro a dictator. This is a trait shared by many of these rulers who consider themselves irreplaceable. They seem to think: “If Fidel stayed in power forever, why shouldn’t I?” Read more>>

February 12, 2018

Despite Win, Ecuador’s President in a Tough Spot After Referendum – teleSUR

After Ecuadoreans voted favorably in the Feb. 4 seven-question popular referendum, the victory of the “yes” side has been claimed by many, putting Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno in a difficult situation. The focus has largey been on the fact that the people of Ecuador voted to limit re-election, preventing former president Rafael Correa from running again, a victory that banker and politician Guillermo Lasso has claimed for himself and for the “citizens in the streets since 2014.” Read more>>