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Read the latest political news out of Ecuador including new and ongoing issues, the political system, and the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

July 6, 2017

Jorge Glas will render his version of Odebrecht in the Office of the Prosecutor today – Ecuador Times

Today, at 09:00, Vice President Jorge Glas will appear before Attorney General Carlos Baca Mancheno to give his version on the case of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. Glas appeared in Parliament on June 21st, accompanied by his followers. There, he spoke for three hours about his 10 year work at the forefront of the strategic sectors. There is “no evidence against me. All that´s missing is that the opposition conducts a trial with newspaper clippings,” he said. Read more>>

July 5, 2017

Ecuador’s Ex-President Correa Loses Slander Suit against Journalist Martín Pallarés – PanAm Post

Journalist Martín Pallares has been found innocent of all charges made against him by Ecuador’s former President Rafael Correa. Pallares, a journalist with the website 4Pelagatos, had been accused of slander for an opinion piece he wrote about Correa’s connection to the Odebrecht scandal, in which officials took bribes from the Brazilian construction company in exchange for building contracts. The trial took place without the plaintiff present, who was also counter-suing for defamation on the grounds that the trial had negatively affected his general reputation. Read more>>

June 30, 2017
Ecuador 400 mile march - Ecuador political news

Ecuador ratifies its commitment to dialogue with the indigenous peoples – Ecuador Times

Ecuador today reaffirmed its commitment to consolidate the dialogue with indigenous peoples and nationalities during the opening session of the UN Inter-Agency Support Group on Indigenous Issues (IASG), held in Quito until Friday. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility Maria Fernanda Espinosa ratified these words at the inauguration of the annual meeting of the IASG, which aims at “reinforcing actions and initiatives on issues related to indigenous peoples implemented in the country,” according to the official communiqué. Read more>>

June 29, 2017

Ecuador’s communications law has sanctioned 675 media outlets and journalists in four years – Knight Center

When Ecuador approved the Organic Law of Communication (LOC for its acronym in Spanish) in 2013, different organizations inside and outside the country expressed concern about the negative effects that the standard could have on freedom of expression. Four years later, the figures seem to show that the concern was not misplaced. Since June 25, 2013 when the law came into effect, the Superintendency of Information and Communication (Supercom) – the regulatory entity created by the LOC – has processed 1,081 cases against media outlets and journalists, of which 675 have ended in sanctions, according to information from Supercom. Read more>>

June 27, 2017

The videos of Odebrecht official reach the Ecuadorian Prosecutor´s office – Ecuador Times

A so-called “Cooperator C1 of the Republic of Brazil” delivered on June 9 audio and video information contained in an external memory card of 8 GB to Attorney General Carlos Baca Mancheno, which is part of the investigation file of the alleged crime of concussion against Carlos Pólit, who resigned his position as State Comptroller on June 20. The Office of the Prosecutor has not identified Cooperator C1. On June 16, the Brazilian magazine Veja reported that José Santos, the executive of Odebrecht in Ecuador has collaborated with videos made by him of meetings with Ecuadorian authorities as a plea bargain. Read more>>

June 26, 2017

Ecuador Congress to Begin Impeachment of Vice President Connected to Odebrecht Scandal – PanAm Post

Ecuador’s legislative opposition block CREO-SUMA announced that it has obtained the necessary signatures to hold an impeachment trial of Vice President Jorge Glas. The opposition has 46 signatures in support of an application for impeachment based on Glas’ connection to the Odebrecht scandal. Read more>>

June 22, 2017

Odebrecht Scandal Hits Ecuador – Latinvex

QUITO — The investigation into the Ecuadorian angle of the Odebrecht corruption scandal [has] slammed the new administration. One June 2, the public prosecutor’s office arrested six people and searched homes and offices in Quito, Guayaquil, and Latacunga. The most prominent target was comptroller general Carlos Pólit, who now faces impeachment. But vice president Jorge Glas’s seat also looks shaky; he has called the latest scandals a “coup attempt.” In its plea bargain with US, Brazilian, and Swiss authorities, construction firm Odebrecht acknowledged to have paid at least $33.5 million in bribes to an Ecuadorian government official. Read more>>

June 14, 2017
Ecuador 400 mile march - Ecuador political news

The Conaie gives a term to the Government – Ecuador Times

Until the end of June, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) will await a response from the government of Lenin Moreno and the Legislature regarding requests for the amnesty for 117 people and 20 pardons. This is part of a set of resolutions adopted by the Conaie in an extraordinary meeting held last Saturday in Pastaza. Jorge Herrera, president of the Conaie, said that if there is no response “they will take strong measures,” Moreover, they expect that pardons and amnesties are given in “block” and not “individually.” Read more>>

June 13, 2017

Ecuador’s Correa Claims Arrest Warrant for His Former Minister Has Nothing to Do with Odebrecht Scandal – PanAm Post

Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa confirmed that there was an arrest warrant issued for his former Minister of Public Works Walter Solis but that it has nothing to do with the Odebrecht case. “The arrest warrant against former Minister Solís is not about Odebrecht, as the press falsely claims,” the former president wrote on his official Twitter account. According to Correa, the arrest warrant is for a case that he himself denounced and that has spent four years under public investigation. Read more>>

June 12, 2017

Odebrecht in Ecuador: Legislative Commission Plans Interrogation of Vice President – PanAm Post

Ecuadorian legislators will summon Vice President Jorge Glas to testify regarding his alleged connection with the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, in conjunction with his uncle, who is under investigation by the Public Prosecutor. Ten opposition legislators from the Citizen Participation Committee of the National Assembly have asked to question Glas, after the ruling Alianza Pais party refused to have the vice president appear in a plenary session. Read more>>

June 9, 2017

Latin America and the Caribbean Energy Scenarios: Rock, Tango or Samba? – Petroleum Economist

Despite the clear benefits of regional energy integration, the development of projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have not advanced as quickly as many would have hoped, mainly thanks to political and regulatory problems. As part of its series of World Energy Scenarios, the World Energy Council has published a report, Latin America & The Caribbean Energy Scenarios, which examines the future of LAC energy to 2030, and beyond to 2060, and explores the opportunity for nations working together to increase prosperi­ty and deliver a sustainable future. Read more>>

June 8, 2017

Police surrounds the building of the National Audit Office – Ecuador Times

Police agents surround the building of the National Audit Office in Quito. After 4:00 pm, Attorney Juan Carlos Zuñiga entered the building. Zuñiga alleged a “previous action” and informed that “a hearing would come later,” as it can be evidenced in a video uploaded by Ecuavisa journalist Paul Romero. Prosecutor Zuñiga had to enter with the help of the Police since he was prevented from entering. Read more>>