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Read the latest political news out of Ecuador including new and ongoing issues, the political system, and the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

February 27, 2017

After a tense election, Ecuador is divided over its political future – The Conversation

After three tense days of waiting, Ecuador’s National Electoral Council has confirmed that former vice president Lenin Moreno, of the ruling Alianza Pais (AP) party, won the first round in the country’s presidential election, with 39.36% of votes. His main rival, banker Guillermo Lasso, of the right-wing CREO party, received 28.09%. This outcome ensures a run-off, as neither candidate obtained the necessary 40% of votes (plus a 10% gap between first- and second-place finishers) to be declared president. Read more>>

February 27, 2017

Lasso to win runoff in Ecuador presidency: Cedatos poll – Reuters

Former banker Guillermo Lasso is seen beating leftist government candidate Lenin Moreno for Ecuador’s presidency in a runoff on April 2 with more than half of all valid votes, according to a poll by Cedatos. Read more>>

February 24, 2017

Elections in Ecuador: Latin America’s pink tide tested – The World Weekly

When Rafael Correa was first elected as Ecuadorian president 10 years ago, he joined the Kirchners in Argentina, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brazil, Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia as part of Latin America’s ‘pink tide’. Starting with new pro-market governments in Brazil and Argentina, that tide is now turning. Will Ecuador be the next country to reject a decade-long leftist experiment and embrace conservatism? Read more>>

February 23, 2017

Ecuador’s Presidential Election Heading to Runoff – Wall Street Journal

Ecuador’s presidential election will go to a runoff between the ruling party’s leftist candidate and a conservative ex-banker after the first round of voting failed to produce a winner, electoral authorities said. The president of the national electoral council, Juan Pablo Pozo, said late Wednesday that a runoff between Lenin Moreno, the candidate for the ruling Alianza Pais party, and his pro-business rival, Guillermo Lasso, will be held on April 2. Read more>>

February 21, 2017

Ecuadoran journalist receives explosive device days before presidential election – Journalism in the Americas

Just days before Ecuador elects a new president, journalist Janet Hinostroza received an explosive device at her workplace. Hinostroza, the host of ‘Los Desayunos de 24 Horas’ (24-Hour Breakfasts) and Noticiero 24 Horas (24-Hour Newscast), received an envelope at Teleamazonas headquarters on the morning of Feb. 16. According to Teleamazonas, an envelope addressed to Hinostroza contained a DVD box with the following written on the front: “Who is behind the corruption? Irrefutable evidence.” Upon slightly opening the box, cables could be seen, the broadcaster added. Police were called and the media outlet was evacuated while authorities inspected the package. Read more>>

February 21, 2017

Tensions mount as Ecuador’s presidential race up in the air – Associated Press

Vote counting in Ecuador’s presidential election dragged into a third day Tuesday with ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno still just short of a definitive first-round victory and supporters and opponents of outgoing President Rafael Correa trading heated accusations. With the last ballots trickling in from Sunday’s election, Moreno had a little over 39 percent of the votes and an almost 11-point lead over conservative Guillermo Lasso, a former banker who finished second in a field of nine candidates. But Moreno remained just under a point below the 40 percent threshold needed to avoid an April runoff. Read more>>

February 16, 2017

Ecuador’s Choice – New York Times

When Ecuadoreans go to the polls to elect a new president on February 19, they will choose between President Rafael Correa’s former Vice President, Lenin Moreno, and seven other candidates from across the political spectrum. Voters would do well to ask themselves not only who they want to govern their county, but how they want it to be governed. Under President Correa, Ecuador has enacted a series of measures granting the government sweeping powers to punish its critics and curb public debate of its policies. The next president will have the opportunity to roll back these measures, or exploit them to further debilitate the country’s democracy. Each of the eight candidates should make clear where they stand. Read more>>

February 10, 2017

ConocoPhillips subsidiary wins $380 million from Ecuador – Houston Business Journal

Ecuador has been ordered to pay $380 million to a subsidiary of Houston-based ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP) after the country unlawfully expropriated the company’s oil investments there, a international arbitration tribunal ruled. Read more>>

February 9, 2017
Ecuador political news

Wave of attacks on Ecuador news sites before election – International Press Institute

Ecuador’s restrictive communications laws have limited investigative journalism to news websites constantly struggling amid precarious economic circumstances, so the takedown of five online media outlets in less than 72 hours following numerous digital attacks represents a troubling development. The incidents have come ahead of a presidential election set for Feb. 19, where Lenin Moreno, a former vice president under incumbent Rafael Correa and the candidate of Correa’s Alianza País party, and main opposition CREO party candidate Guillermo Lasso lead in the polls. In some cases, the attacks occurred just minutes after the portals published news of the alleged involvement of members of Ecuador’s government in a corruption scandal affecting several Latin American countries. Read more>>

February 6, 2017

Leaked videos heat up Ecuador’s presidential race – AP

Leaked videos in which a disgraced former minister accuses Ecuador’s vice president of taking part in corruption at the state-run oil company is heating up the final stretch of the country’s presidential campaign. In one of the videos, Oil Minister Carlos Pareja is seen taking a lie detector test in which he affirms all decisions at Petroecuador were made with the consent of Vice President Jorge Glas. The videos were posted yesterday on social media by an anonymous user going by the name “Capaya Leaks” in reference to Pareja’s nickname. Read more>>

February 6, 2017

In Ecuador, the list of those bribed by Odebrecht is reserved – Ecuador Times

Obtaining the names of the Ecuadorian officials supposedly bribed by the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, will apparently, take its time. “The network that has been identified in Brazil, which operates internationally, did not do it through natural persons, but through legal screens, companies domiciled abroad, with secret accounts and that will have to be investigated by tracking the money path,” Leonardo Orlando, director of the IRS, said yesterday. Read more>>

January 30, 2017

Rafael Correa’s Government Implicated in Public Works Corruption – PanAm Post

The Nuevo Herald recently interviewed journalist Fernando Villavicencio, who is in hiding after revealing confidential information that uncovered an important network of corruption, through a website called Focus. After the journalist’s information came to light, Rafael Correa asked the Attorney General of Ecuador to investigate him, and soon after an arrest warrant was issued. Read more>>