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Read the latest political news out of Ecuador including new and ongoing issues, the political system, and the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

May 26, 2017

It’s Showtime for President Lenin Moreno in Ecuador – Americas Quarterly

Rafael Correa stepped down on May 24 after 10 years as president of Ecuador, making way for his hand-picked successor, Lenín Moreno, but retaining his power as Ecuador’s most influential politician and his control of the legislature through the Alianza País party. Aware of these constraints, Moreno has sought since his runoff election victory to reassure Correa’s supporters that he will stay the course on the populist and anti-U.S. policies of his predecessor, while at the same time signaling to the international community and Correa’s opponents that he will implement much needed reforms to restore fiscal discipline and lead the country back to sustainable economic growth. Read more>>

May 25, 2017

Ecuador Swears in Moreno as President to Succeed Correa

Lenin Moreno was sworn in as Ecuador’s president on Wednesday and promised to maintain Rafael Correa’s leftist policies while ending his predecessor’s sharp attacks on critics, including the press. In a ceremony that paid homage to the charismatic but divisive Mr. Correa, Mr. Moreno said his government would maintain expansive social programs. But he also said he would seek political consensus and defended freedom of expression while calling on lawmakers to be less ideologically rigid. Read more>>

May 24, 2017

Public debt increased by $ 26,978.9 million during the government of Rafael Correa – Ecuador Times

In ten years of government, public debt balance increased by $ 26,978.9 million from $ 13,482 million in December 2006 to $ 40,461.2 million in March 2017 (last report of the Ministry of Finance). When comparing these figures with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) it can be seen that in ten years there was an 11.4% increase in GDP in the debt, since in 2006 this debt represented 28.8% of GDP, while in March this year it reached a 40.2%. Read more>>

May 23, 2017

Ecuador at turning point as feisty Correa bows out – Agence France Presse

One of the feistiest personalities in Latin American politics, Ecuador’s Rafael Correa hands power Wednesday to his quieter ally Lenin Moreno, who is tasked with steering a leftist political flagship through troubled economic waters.  Read more>>

May 22, 2017

Tweet Criticizing Ecuador President Correa Lands Journalist in Court – PanAm Post

Ecuador journalist Luis Eduardo Vivanco, editor of the newspaper La Hora, was forced to testify after publishing a tweet criticizing President Rafael Correa’s administration. Officials said Vivanco tried to “confuse citizens by accusing the national government of corruption.” The journalist published an image of dozens of rolls of banknotes seized in an operation against drug trafficking with the message: “These are the mattresses upon which the revolution rests.” Read more>>

May 19, 2017

Ecuador Waits for Lenin Moreno – Economist

In a burst of hyperbole and historical confusion, Rafael Correa compared the run-off election in Ecuador last month to “the battle of Stalingrad” in which his left-wing government was “fighting against the global right wing”. Yet the outcome was far from the rout achieved on the Russian steppes: rather, Mr Correa’s candidate, Lenín Moreno, achieved a narrow victory, by 51% to 49% over Guillermo Lasso, a conservative banker. Read more>>

May 18, 2017

Investor Disputes: Ecuador Uncertainty – Latinvex

On May 3, 2017, the Ecuadorean National Assembly (Ecuador’s legislative body) approved the denunciation of 12 bilateral investment treaties (BITs), with China, Chile, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Argentina, the United States, Spain, Peru, Bolivia and Italy. This is the latest in a series of steps by Ecuador to change its existing investment treaty landscape. Read more>>

May 17, 2017
Rafael Correa - President of Ecuador - Ecuador political news

Ecuadorian Attorney General to Prosecute President Correa’s Cousin for Illicit Enrichment – PanAm Post

Pedro Delgado, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa‘s cousin, will be tried for a criminal charge of illicit enrichment, according to Carlos Baca Mancheno, the new attorney general. “I have asked the National Court to set a day and time for a hearing to explore the charges of illicit enrichment against Pedro Delgado,” Baca said. Read more>>

May 15, 2017

Ecuador’s New National Assembly Takes Office, Elects President – TeleSUR

With 77 votes in favor and 31 against, former Interior Minister Jose Serrano from the governing socialist coalition PAIS Alliance became Ecuador’s new president of the National Assembly Sunday for the next four years, as the lower chamber appointed lawmakers to its main leadership positions 10 days before President-elect Lenin Moreno will formally take office. “The differences and disagreements we can find in plenary sessions are part of the diversity and wealth of the country,” stated Serrano in his first speech after being selected for the position. Read more>>

May 12, 2017
Amazon Watch Steven Donziger

South America’s indigenous groups used to line up with the left. Not anymore. – Washington Post

Venezuela’s political crisis spilled over into the spirit realm this week, when the governor of the state of Amazonas threatened to put a shamanic curse on President Nicolás Maduro and his administration. Broadcast live on the Periscope app, the threat was mostly political theater. But it pointed to a broader problem for South America’s long-ruling leftist governments. Read more>> 

May 11, 2017

Lenin Moreno announces possible changes to the Communication Law if it is proven to be ineffective – Ecuador Times

“We will check if the law is effective, if not, we will make the appropriate changes,” President-elect Lenin Moreno announced during an interview with Colombian radio station BlueRadio. Moreno stressed that there is freedom of expression in Ecuador, “but what has existed is a confrontation; A battle of vanities. We will review the law, we will dialogue but yes, what journalists will find will be respect and a greater tolerance. I think that freedom of expression should stretch a lot more than what the law states,” he said. Read more>>

May 10, 2017

Is the Political Left Really Dooming Latin America? – The Market Mogul

Lenín Moreno, the candidate from the same party as the former Ecuadorean government, was elected president on April 3rd. This is, therefore, a historical turning point, which the population is calling the first step towards the “Venezuelisation” of Ecuador. Nevertheless, some people argue that this process started with the many corruption complaints against the President Rafael Correa since the start of his mandate in 2006. Read more>>