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Read the latest political news out of Ecuador including new and ongoing issues, the political system, and the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

November 15, 2017

Ecuador’s Vice-President Glas to face corruption trial – BBC

A judge in Ecuador has ordered that the country’s Vice-President, Jorge Glas, stand trial over corruption allegations. Mr Glas, who was arrested on 2 October, is the highest-ranking politician to be indicted in the massive Odebrecht corruption scandal. Prosecutors accuse Mr Glas of taking $13.5m (£10.2m) in bribes from the Brazilian construction giant, which he denies. Read more>>

November 9, 2017

Ecuadorian AG Plans to Charge VP with Criminal Conspiracy in Odebrecht Case – Latin American Herald Tribune

The Ecuadorian Attorney General’s Office said on Wednesday it planned to charge Vice President Jorge Glas with criminal conspiracy in connection with the bribery case involving Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht. “An indictment will be issued against 13 people being prosecuted in the criminal conspiracy case,” the AG’s office said in a statement. Read more>>

November 1, 2017

Lenin Moreno’s Removal as Alianza PAIS Leader Rejected – Prensa Latina

Ministers and top public officials who are members of the ruling Alianza PAIS (AP) movement today ignored the decision by the top leadership of the party to remove President Lenin Moreno from his post of chairman of that political organization. Speaking at a press conference at the Carondelet Palace, the ministers, led by Interim Vice-President Maria Alejandra Vicuña and the national secretary of Political Affairs, Miguel Carvajal, ratified their support for the head of State, whom they consider the maximum AP leader. Read more>>

October 31, 2017

Ecuador’s Ruling Party Divided Over Vice President Replacement Scandal – PanAm Post

Following an order by Ecuador’s Comptroller General to dismiss Vice President Jorge Glas, the governing political alliance Alianza País appears to be fracturing. Alianza País is reportedly divided between those who support the appointment of María Alejandra Vicuña as interim Vice President, and those who argue that Glas is still committed to doing his job from prison. Read more>>

October 27, 2017

No guarantee to recover lost money from Odebrecht corruption – Ecuador Times

Recovering embezzled money is not only desirable, but also a state obligation imposed by the UN. But in Ecuador, the elements to ensure that the plundering of the corruption plot, sponsored by Odebrecht, is fully reimbursed. The country needs external assistance. Read more>>

October 24, 2017

Ecuadorian Vice President Remains in Custody as Court Denies Habeas Corpus – PanAm Post

The National Court of Justice (CNJ) of Ecuador denied a petition for habeas corpus requested by the Ecuadorian vice president Jorge Glas. According to the Constitution, habeas corpus is a special remedy that applies when a person has been arbitrarily detained or when his rights have been violated. However, for judges Rosa Álvarez Ulloa, Asdrúbal Granizo and Merck Benavides the arrest warrant issued against Glas is totally “legal” and “no right has been violated.” Read more>>

October 18, 2017

The aliases hid by the Odebrecht network – Ecuador Times

Odebrecht set up a meticulous bribe plot. The Brazilian company left nothing to chance and ensured the unification of methods and systems used in all countries to hide illegal payments. Negotiations were in charge of executives from the so-called Department of Structural Operations, a facade of the real accounts. Read more>>

October 9, 2017

Ecuador Judge Delays Review of VP Glas Pre-Trial Detention – teleSUR

The procedure was suspended due to other “business inherent to the activities” of Judge Miguel Jurado according to the court. Ecuador’s National Court of Justice delayed the hearing requested by the lawyer of Vice President Jorge Glas to present an alternative measure to his preventive detention since the investigation on alleged corruption charges is still pending. Read more>>

October 6, 2017

Ecuador’s President Names Woman Minister Second in Command as Previous VP Sits in Jail on Corruption Charges – PanAm Post

President Lenin Moreno has appointed a new Vice President of Ecuador after Jorge Glas was put in preventative custody for his alleged involvement in a bribe scandal with the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. The new Vice President, though temporary, will be María Alejandra Vicuña, the current Minister of Urban Development and Housing. Read more>>

October 2, 2017

Ecuador Judge Orders Arrest of vice president in Odebrecht probe – Reuters

An Ecuadorean judge on Monday ordered pre-trial detention for Vice President Jorge Glas as part of an investigation into Brazilian construction company Odebrecht’s corruption scandal. Glas, a 48-year-old electrical engineer, has been accused by senior members of the government of former President Rafael Correa of corruption while serving as a minister and vice president during seven years of Correa’s government. Read more>>

September 18, 2017

Ecuador president accuses predecessor of planting spy camera – Associated Press

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno angrily denounced his predecessor on Friday for planting a hidden video camera in his office so that he could spy on him remotely. “Shocked and furious,” Moreno wrote in a message on Twitter to denounce the discovery of the device, which he said violated his privacy. Later in a televised appearance from Guayaquil he said the camera had been monitored remotely by former President Rafael Correa on his cellphone. He did not explain or provide any evidence to back the accusation. Read more>>

September 15, 2017
Chevron Ecuador case background

Politicians worldwide suspected as bribery scandal unfolds – BBC World News

It is the corruption probe that has left politicians around the world looking over their shoulders. Prosecutors in a dozen countries are untangling a massive web of corruption that ran across a continent and further afield. Illegal payments may have sloshed through presidential campaigns, boosted the careers of political top brass in country after country, and oiled the wheels of worldwide construction projects including motorways, gas pipelines and hydroelectric dams. Read more>>