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Read the latest political news out of Ecuador including new and ongoing issues, the political system, and the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

February 7, 2018

Ecuador bucks the authoritarian trend – The Washington Post

Rafael Correa, like Vladi­mir Putin, Hugo Chávez and other authoritarian rulers, found himself stymied by term limits. So in 2015, the Ecuadoran president persuaded his legislature to lift a ceiling of two presidential terms by promising not to run in 2017. His idea was to install a follower for four years and then return to power, as Mr. Putin once did. Then, on Sunday, came a much-deserved comeuppance: Ecuadoran voters, prompted by Mr. Correa’s own successor, voted overwhelmingly to restore a two-term presidential limit, thus blocking the planned second act. It was a victory for democracy not just in Ecuador but also in a region where numerous rulers have sought to entrench themselves in power. Read more>>

February 4, 2018

Ecuadoreans back limits on presidential re-election in blow to Correa – Reuters

Ecuadoreans on Sunday voted to prevent presidents from holding more than two terms in office, according to the elections council, a win for President Lenin Moreno that blocks his mentor-turned-adversary Rafael Correa from returning to power. Read more>>

January 31, 2018

Once a powerful socialist firebrand, Ecuador’s Correa may face ‘political death’ in vote – AP

Ecuadoreans this weekend — including those in South Florida — are expected to do something that would have been unthinkable just a year ago: End the political career of Rafael Correa, the socialist firebrand who led the nation for a decade and was once considered the region’s most popular president. On Sunday, voters are being asked to weigh in on seven broad questions in a referendum, including one that reinstates term limits on the presidency, which Correa got rid of in 2015. Read more>>

January 30, 2018

Ecuador’s President Turns On His Anti-American Mentor – The Wall Street Journal

When Lenín Moreno was elected president last year, he was pegged as a stand-in for his powerful predecessor, destined to play a placeholder role much like Dmitry Medvedev’s between terms of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Read more>>

January 26, 2018

Ecuador Prepares to Vote on Term Limits – AS/COA

On February 4, Ecuador will hold a referendum. The ballot features seven questions, ranging from reducing a national park’s acreage to preventing those accused of corruption from holding office. But the central item will be a question on whether or not presidential term limits should be reinstated into Constitution. The debate is the focal point of a bitter feud between the former President Rafael Correa—who has all but declared he wants to run for a fourth term in 2021—and his one-time vice president and successor Lenín Moreno, who backs a change that could bar Correa from the presidency for good. Read more >>

January 25, 2018

Ecuador looks for “Egalitarian” trade agreements with the US – Ecuador Times

The president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, said today that his government aspires to reach equal agreements with the United States and without prejudice to national production, according to a statement from the Secretariat of Communication (Secom). Read More >>

January 24, 2018

Julian Assange impasse ‘more than a nuisance’ for Ecuador, says country’s president

Nearly six years since seeking asylum inside its London embassy, WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has made “more than a nuisance” for the current government of Ecuador, according to President Lenin MorenoMr. MorenoEcuador’s leader since May, made the remark during an interview with television networks over the weekend while describing the ongoing, international impasse involving Mr. AssangeAgence France-Presse reported Monday. Read more >>

January 23, 2018

Ecuador’s president calls Julian Assange ‘more than a nuisance’ – Washington Post

Ben Franklin once said that house guests, like fish, start to smell after three days. Which may explain the frustration of Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno. Moreno’s country has reluctantly hosted Julian Assange in its embassy in London since June 2012, when he showed up to claim political asylum. Read more >>

January 22, 2018

He Outmaneuvered Correa, But How Long Can Ecuador’s Moreno Keep His High-Wire Act Up? – WPR

South America’s biggest political surprise recently has come from one of its smallest countries, Ecuador, where President Lenin Moreno has maneuvered to break with his predecessor and a legacy tinged with authoritarianism and corruption.  Read more >>

January 19, 2018

Ecuadorian president receives economic management proposals

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno received Wednesday several proposals from the Public Finance and Economy Forum for the country’s economic management, informed the Presidency. The chief of state met with four members of the forum, who explained their points of view on how to counteract the economic crisis. Read more >>

January 18, 2018

Ecuador Makes 3.6 Million Barrels of Oil Available in Spot Sale, Minister Says – PanAm Post

Ecuador has made 3.6 million barrels of Oriente crude available in a “spot” sale, a process in which more than 40 companies are participating, the Andean nation’s hydrocarbons minister said Wednesday. Read more >>

January 17, 2018

Ex-Ecuador leader Rafael Correa leaves leftist ruling party – Associated Press

Former President Rafael Correa on Tuesday left the political party that helped cement his rise to power in Ecuador, the latest step in a fight with the man he chose to succeed him and continue his “Citizens’ Revolution.” Read more >>