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Read the latest political news out of Ecuador including new and ongoing issues, the political system, and the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

August 8, 2017

Ecuador’s President Announces Austerity Measures Amid Dire Economic Conditions – Sputnik News

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno announced the introduction of a number of austerity measures, and even the cancellation of high-level purchases in an effort to alleviate the critical economic situation in the country, local media reported Tuesday. Read more>>

August 4, 2017

Ecuador’s Moreno Faces Ruling Party Split – Bloomberg Politics

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno’s bid to chart his own path following Rafael Correa’s decade in power gained traction Thursday as he stripped his vice president and Correa-loyalist, Jorge Glas, of his duties a day after Glas accused him of betraying the ruling party. In an executive decree, Moreno said Glas had “failed to duly understand” that loyalty and commitment to the administration included “serving the fatherland by unifying efforts.” Read more>>

August 3, 2017

The total breakdown in the Moreno-Glas relationship – Ecuador Times

Tensions peaked. The relationship between President Lenin Moreno and Vice President Jorge Glas was injured yesterday after the latter issued a statement in which he accused the president of generating the conditions for “institutionalized corruption.” The letter appeared minutes after Moreno said during a meeting with the Consortium of Decentralized Governments of Ecuador (Congope) that he will not give his opinion either for or against a high official of his cabinet who is being subjected to severe accusations from various sectors of the opposition. Read more>>

August 2, 2017

O’Globo publishes audio that allegedly reveals that Carlos Pólit received cash from Odebrecht – Ecuador Times

Tuesday the Brazilian newspaper O’Globo published an audio recording of a conversation between former Comptroller General Carlos Pólit Faggioni and Odebrecht’s top executive José Conceição dos Santos Filho. In the publication, O’Globo indicates that exactly one year ago Conceição dos Santos, Odebrecht’s director in Ecuador since 1994, was one of about 15 international executives of the company who silently prepared to inform. In the one minute and 24 seconds recording published today by the Brazilian newspaper, the alleged voices of Conceição dos Santos and Pólit refer to the money received by the then Comptroller, and – as indicated – always asked for cash. Read more>>
August 1, 2017

The process of the law against corruption stagnates – Ecuador Times

The major surgery on corruption does not take off. The Legislature adopted a resolution in June to reach that aim, but so far, it has not complied with its promise. Homero Castañer, CREO Legislator, believes that the results of major surgery to corruption are zero. In Ecuador, “corruption is concealed, and bribes considered private agreements,” he regretted. Read more>>

July 28, 2017

The opposition points to Attorney General to ‘judge’ Jorge Glas – Ecuador Times

More than a new trial of a political trial against vice president Jorge Glas, the political opposition of the country “points” to Attorney General Carlos Baca, as they propose he should be work in the investigation. Mae Montaño (CREO Party) said there is no political decision in the Legislature to call Glas on trial. “I no longer bet on a political trial (…), it is more important to appoint the Attorney General, he has all the evidence to call the vice president to trial…” Read more>>
July 27, 2017

The exodus of Venezuelans fleeing to Ecuador or Colombia – Ecuador Times

“The only way out is to emigrate,” says a Venezuelan who yesterday crossed the border with Cúcuta to go to Colombia, fleeing from his native Venezuela. The country is sunk in an even more uncertain future by the controversial politics, whose rejection triggered the levels of violence and protests that reach more than a hundred deaths since 1 April. Read more>>

July 26, 2017

Lasso says that Moreno has five million reasons to demand the resignation of Glas – Ecuador Times

Former presidential hopeful Guillermo Lasso has tweeted Monday night that President Lenin Moreno has “five million new reasons to require the resignation of his vice president.” And he adds that if he does not do it, “history will not absolve him.” Lasso made this statement after the Televistazo newscast revealed that businessman Tomislav Topic, owner of the Telconet company, last week confessed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office he paid five million dollars in commissions to Ricardo Rivera, uncle of Vice President Jorge Glas, for his help in closing deals with Odebrecht and Chinese companies. Read more>>

July 25, 2017

Ecuador’s Defection From The OPEC Deal Doesn’t Matter –

Earlier this week, Ecuador’s Oil Minister Carlos Perez announced that the country would no longer abide by its commitment to the Vienna Accord. That’s the OPEC-Russia deal to cut oil production and boost prices. Now, pundits have been quick to misinterpret that as the first splintering of OPEC on its oil price regimen. Actually, it may indicate far less than meets the eye. Now, the Vienna Accord took effect in January. Despite some questions about the equation between production on the one hand and exports on the other that agreement had held. It initially supported higher prices. Read more>>

July 24, 2017

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno Has High Level of Public Acceptance – Prensa Latina

The popular acceptance of Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno rose in the past month, the company Perfiles de Opinion revealed on Sunday. The president currently has 84.86 percent of public acceptance, according to the results of a survey conducted by this firm in the urban areas of Guayaquil, Cuenca and this capital on July 1-4. According to the study published on and fully posted on the firm’s official website, about 73.74 percent of those polled in Quito assessed Moreno’s performance as good and only 1.8 described it as very bad. Read more>>

July 20, 2017

Lenin Moreno and the Future of Ecuador – International Policy Digest

Ecuador’s new President, Lenín Moreno, is an unusual politician for more reasons than just his idiosyncratic first name. Moreno is a paraplegic who was shot during a robbery-gone-wrong in 1998. In the course of his convalescence, Moreno turned to laughter therapy, later setting up a foundation to encourage humor and joy. He is likely to need all his reserves of good humor in his new position as he takes responsibility for his country’s governance. Read more>>

July 19, 2017

The Odebrecht case is building up more speed – Ecuador Times

The Prosecutor´s office steps on the accelerator in the Odebrecht case. This week will be intense with versions, links of prosecuted persons and audiences of substitution of measures. Wednesday, the accused of alleged illicit association Carlos Villamarín will give his testimony in Guayaquil. That same day, at 15:30, the measures issued against him and Ricardo Rivera, uncle of Vice President Jorge Glas, also investigated by illicit association, will be revised. Read more>>