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Read the latest political news out of Ecuador including new and ongoing issues, the political system, and the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

April 9, 2020

Ecuador’s Moreno calls for probe into handling of corpses in Coronavirus outbreak- Reuters

Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno on Wednesday called for an investigation into how local authorities handled the bodies of coronavirus victims …

April 9, 2020

Rafael Correa will not be able to participate in politics in the next 25 years- Ecuador Times

Public resources should always be administered honestly and with unrestricted adherence to the Law. The public function is a service …

April 9, 2020

Ecuador Gives Glimpse Into Pandemic’s Impact on Latin America- The New York Times

Bodies left out on sidewalks. The authorities struggling to keep track of deaths. Funeral parlors, out of coffins, using cardboard …

April 8, 2020

Court sentences Rafael Correa and Jorge Glas to 8 years in prison in Bribes case- Ecuador Times

A Court of the National Court of Justice, made up of judges Iván León (rapporteur), Marco Rodríguez and Iván Saquicela, …

April 8, 2020

Ecuador builds emergency cemeteries due to Coronavirus outbreak- Reuters

Ecuador’s government is preparing an emergency burial ground on land donated by a private cemetery in Guayaquil, the country’s largest …

April 8, 2020

Ecuador’s former president found guilty of corruption- Reuters

An Ecuadorian court sentenced former president Rafael Correa on Tuesday to eight years in prison after finding him guilty of …

April 7, 2020

Intellectual criticizes situation in Ecuador in the face of Covid-19- Prensa Latina

The coordinator of the Ecuadorian chapter of the Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity, Irene Leon, on …

April 7, 2020

The Coronavirus Will Cause New Crises in Latin America- Foreign Policy

Latin America is facing a rising tide of cases of the new coronavirus, and many countries in the region are …

April 6, 2020

Ecuador probes ‘fake news’ campaign criticizing Coronavirus response- Reuters

Ecuador’s government is investigating thousands of social media accounts spreading what it called “fake news” aimed at destabilizing President Lenin …

April 6, 2020

Ecuador stores Coronavirus victims in giant fridges as morgues fill up- Reuters

 Ecuador’s government has begun storing the bodies of victims of the coronavirus in giant refrigerated containers as hundreds of deaths …

April 3, 2020

President Lenín Moreno extends suspension of the working day until April 12 and there will be no classes this month- Ecuador Times

President Lenín Moreno published in his account on the social network Twitter that the suspension of the working day and …

April 2, 2020

‘It is time to cancel debt for Latin America,’ says CELAG- Prensa Latina

The Latin American Geopolitical Strategic Center (CELAG) is leading a campaign today, to which prominent political figures have joined, in …