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Get the latest Chevron Ecuador lawsuit news. This category covers recent 2015 lawsuit news and the latest on Steven Donziger, the attorney that used corrupt means to obtain a 2011 court verdict in Ecuador.

July 9, 2019

Ecuadorean Plaintiffs’ Canadian Suit Against Chevron Is Finally Dismissed – Forbes

One of the last slim reeds of hope of defenders of the $9.5 billion judgment fraudulently obtained against Chevron Corporation by adjudicated racketeer and suspended lawyer Steven Donziger and his Ecuadorean allies was in Canada. Prior Canadian court decisions had essentially gutted any possibility of collection of the Ecuadorian judgment against Chevron Canada, a distinct entity. The case had, it is true, not been legally dismissed, though those of you who follow this column knew that the Canadian bell would soon toll.

June 17, 2019

Steven Donziger Of Chevron Ecuador Shares Duncan Hunter’s Problem: Avoiding Jail – Oakland News Now

Steven Donziger, the plaintiff’s lawyer in the Chevron Ecuador case that was found guilty of violating the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt …

June 13, 2019

Donziger Must Surrender Passport In Chevron Ecuador Fight – Law360

A New York federal judge has ordered attorney Steven Donziger to surrender his passport to pressure him to comply with court orders in a legal battle with Chevron to hand over his electronic devices.

May 28, 2019
Steven Donziger

Chevron Shakedown Lawyer Now Held In Contempt Of Court – Hot Air

It’s been a while since we checked in on Steven Donziger, the New York City attorney who was the architect of the failed Chevron Shakedown. How are things going for him these days? Well, the first item to note is that I should issue a correction to that first sentence. Donziger has reportedly been disbarred from every place where he was previously allowed to practice law. He can now represent nobody but himself, so is he still technically an attorney?

May 28, 2019
Steven Donziger Georgetown

Lago Agrio: Donziger Held In Contempt – Letters Blogatory

On May 23, Steven Donziger, the American lawyer for the Lago Ario plaintiffs, was held in contempt of court in post-judgment proceedings in New York. Chevron first moved to hold Donziger in contempt in March 2018, and it has filed a series of motions since then. I have covered the contempt issues, though not exhaustively, in several posts, which you can find by browsing through this archive.

May 25, 2019
Truths about fraudulent lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador

Donziger Held In Contempt In $9.5B Chevron Ecuador Fight – Law 360

A New York federal court on Thursday imposed sanctions on suspended attorney Steven Donziger, who helped secure a fraudulent $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron Corp. in Ecuador, saying Donziger had blatantly ignored the court’s orders forbidding him from profiting from the award.

May 24, 2019

Steven Donziger, Suspended Attorney, Is Held in Contempt of Court – Forbes

I’ve detailed the civil contempt of court motion against Steven Donziger in prior columns. So it’s very pleasing to read United States District Judge Lewis Kaplan’s remarkable, 75-page, contempt of court ruling. It begins with these words: “Steven Donziger, formerly a lawyer, has led a corrupt effort to extort billions of dollars from Chevron Corporation.”

May 23, 2019

Steven Donziger, Disbarred Former Attorney, Is Held in Contempt of Court – Forbes

I’ve detailed the civil contempt of court motion against Steven Donziger in prior columns.  So it’s very pleasing to read …

April 18, 2019

Yet another court smacks down Ecuador’s attempted shakedown of Chevron – Washington Examiner

Ecuador’s corrupt, leftist regime and its grifting American lawyers keep losing and losing and losing in a long-running case that proves there is such a thing as international justice.

April 17, 2019
Legal fraud of the century - Chevron in Ecuador

Dutch High Court Continues Burying The Chevron Shakedown – Hot Air

It’s been a while since we last checked in on New York (former) attorney Steven Donziger and his merry band of Ecuadorian racketeers who attempted the extortion of a major energy company in what’s become known as the Chevron Shakedown.

April 17, 2019
Chevron Ecuador case background

Top Dutch Court Won’t Nix Awards In Chevron, Ecuador Fight – Law360

The Dutch Supreme Court has refused to set aside awards issued by an international tribunal ordering Ecuador to prevent enforcement of a $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron over pollution in the Amazon, which was later found by the tribunal and U.S. courts to have been obtained through fraud.

April 15, 2019

Dutch High Court Finds for Chevron Over Ecuador – Forbes

Readers of this column by now know the details of the effort to use fraudulent “lawfare” to extort billions from Chevron Corp., for pollution damages most likely caused by an Ecuadorean corporation long after Texaco Petroleum (which Chevron subsequently purchased) had left Ecuador and had obtained a formal certification that all pollution had been remediated.