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Get the latest Chevron Ecuador lawsuit news. This category covers recent 2015 lawsuit news and the latest on Steven Donziger, the attorney that used corrupt means to obtain a 2011 court verdict in Ecuador.

October 25, 2017
Fraud against Chevron in Ecuador

How Chevron’s Watson Fought Landmark Legal Battle — And Won – Investor’s Business Daily

Chevron recently announced that John Watson, who has served as chairman and CEO for 7-1/2 years, will retire early next year and be replaced by Mike Wirth in a long-planned transition. Watson will be remembered for many accomplishments. One of the major legal issues under Watson’s leadership was Chevron’s courageous decision to fight notorious plaintiff’s attorney Steven Donziger and his fraudulent multibillion-dollar lawsuit against the oil giant. Read more>>

October 24, 2017

Nails In The Coffin: The Final Chapters of Ecuador’s Efforts To Extort Chevron – Forbes

I have described in detail, in numerous previous columns over several years, Ecuador’s corrupt efforts to almost $10 billion from Chevron Corp. for pollution damages allegedly caused by Texaco (whose interests were purchased by Chevron). Interested readers should consult these earlier columns by clicking on my name and reading the appropriate entries). As readers of this column know, the pollution in question was quite likely caused by Ecuador’s own state petroleum company, years after Texaco cleaned up the site and obtained a legal release from the Ecuadorean government. In October, finally, years and millions in legal fees later, justice is slowly but surely being meted out to those who spearheaded the failed attempt to extort Chevron. Read more>>

October 5, 2017

Ontario court orders Ecuadorian plaintiffs to secure nearly $1 million in costs before appeal in Chevron case – The Lawyer’s Daily

A group of Ecuadorian villagers has been ordered to put up almost $1 million in security for court costs as part of a long-shot appeal in an ongoing pollution claim against an American energy company and its Canadian subsidiary. Read more>>

October 4, 2017

Lago Agrio: Canadian Appellate Court Requires LAPs To Give Security – Letters Blogatory

In January I reported on the Lago Agrio plaintiffs’ latest setback in their quest to obtain recognition of their Ecuadoran judgment in Canada. The Ontario Superior Court granted summary judgment to Chevron, holding that its indirect Canadian subsidiaries’ assets were not assets of Chevron (the judgment debtor) that could be reached on execution. The LAPs appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeal. In a decision on September 21, a single justice of the appellate court ordered the LAPs to post almost a million dollars as security in light of Canada’s rule that the loser pays the winner’s attorney’s fees. Read more>>

September 21, 2017
Rafael Correa - president of Ecuador

Lago Agrio: SDNY Judges Submit Ethics Complaint Against Donziger – Letters Blogatory

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the Lago Agrio case. Not much is going at the moment. I was aware, via press releases, of a dispute about whether Judge Kaplan should order Steven Donziger to pay Chevron’s legal fees, but I hadn’t read any of the motion papers until I came across a tweet from Roger Parloff highlighting the fact that several SDNY judges had submitted a disciplinary complaint against Donziger. Read more>>

July 31, 2017
Rafael Correa - president of Ecuador

Lago Agrio: Dutch Appeals Court Affirms Denial of Annulment – Letter Blogatory

The Court of Appeals of the Hague has affirmed a lower court decision decision refusing to set aside the interim awards Chevron had won against Ecuador in the investment treaty arbitration. The main questions before the lower court were, first, whether Chevron or Texaco had an “investment” in Ecuador for purposes of the BIT, and, second, whether the awards were against public policy to the extent they sought to force Ecuador to suspend the operation of the Lago Agrio judgment, contrary (Ecuador said) to Ecuadoran law. Read more>>

July 21, 2017

Chevron case: Ecuador´s petition is rejected – Ecuador Times

A new defeat for the Ecuadorian state in the Chevron case. The Court of Appeal of The Hague rejected Ecuador’s appeal to the first-instance judgment that had denied the request for annulment of the partial and interim awards of jurisdiction. Read more>>

July 20, 2017

Dutch Appeals Court Axes Ecuador Challenge In Chevron Row – Law360

A Dutch appeals court on Tuesday rejected Ecuador’s challenge to several jurisdictional and other preliminary arbitral awards favoring Chevron Corp., which arose out of a long-running dispute with the country over alleged pollution in the Amazon rainforest. Ecuador had asked the Appeals Court of the Hague to overturn a 2016 trial court decision rejecting the country’s bid to set aside the awards in the ongoing arbitration, in which Chevron is looking to hold the South American nation accountable for breaching a previous settlement that should have barred a $9.5 billion judgment issued by an Ecuadorian court. That judgment was later found by a New York judge to be fraudulent — a decision the U.S. Supreme Court last month refused to review. Read more>>

June 29, 2017
Rafael Correa - president of Ecuador

Is It Time To Prosecute Steven Donziger Over The Chevron Shakedown? – Hot Air

Earlier this month I wrote about the end of the line for the Chevron Shakedown crew, when their final appeal was turned away at the Supreme Court. It’s a long, sordid story which we’ve been covering here for years. If you’ve been following even a smattering of this tale you know most of the major details and the players involved. The fraudulently obtained judgement in Ecuador which sought to drain tens of billions of dollars from Chevron was a disgrace. And the architect at the center of all of it was Manhattan attorney Steven Donziger. Read more>>

June 28, 2017

Prosecute Steven Donziger’s ‘Egregious Fraud’ – National Review

Steven Donziger, a left-wing lawyer with connections to the Obama administration and Andrew Cuomo’s administration in New York, attempted to orchestrate a multi-billion-dollar shakedown of Chevron in a case that was later thrown out by a federal judge as the product of “egregious fraud.” For once, the word “egregious” may not be quite strong enough: In dollar terms, Donziger’s case against Chevron may very well be the largest attempt at extortion in human history. Read more>>

June 21, 2017
Steven Donziger

One of the Most Egregious Legal Frauds in History Finally Comes to a Close – Institute for Legal Reform

The saga of Chevron v. Donziger, “one of the most egregious legal frauds in history” according to the WSJ, finally concluded this week with the U.S. Supreme Court denying plaintiffs’ attorney Donziger’s certiorari petition. In 2014, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled that a $9.5 billion judgment obtained by American lawyer Steven Donziger against Chevron in Ecuador was the product of fraud and racketeering and, thus, unenforceable in the U.S. Read more>>

June 20, 2017

Chevron’s (And The Rule of Law’s) Triumph: The Supreme Court Declines To Hear Donziger’s Appeal – Forbes

On Monday, June 19, 2017, in a few largely unnoticed words, the United States Supreme Court reaffirmed the Rule of Law. The Court declined to hear an appeal by disgraced attorney Steven Donziger of a District Court’s finding that a $9.5 billion Ecuadorian judgment he had obtained against Chevron Corporation had been the product of his and others’ fraud and racketeering, and was therefore unenforceable in the United States. I have detailed the saga of Donziger’s suit against Chevron, on behalf of Ecuadoreans in fact likely injured by actions of their country’s state-owned PetroEcuador, extensively in this column.  Read more>>