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Get the latest Chevron Ecuador lawsuit news. This category covers recent 2015 lawsuit news and the latest on Steven Donziger, the attorney that used corrupt means to obtain a 2011 court verdict in Ecuador.

October 1, 2015
Boulder's Stratus Consulting

Canada’s high court may fall prey to the Chevron Shakedown – Hot Air

After many rounds of good news in the saga of the Chevron Shakedown, where the energy leader won one victory after another in court over Steven Donziger and his eco-warrior allies in Ecuador, a disturbing headline crossed the transom this week. Though courts in the United States have found the pickpocket tactics of Ecuador to be entirely fraudulent and baseless, Canada’s highest court has curiously agreed to entertain the case in their country.Read more>>

September 29, 2015
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Canada’s top court sets dangerous precedent in Chevron case – Financial Post

Canadians are renowned for their humility, practicality, and restraint. Unfortunately, those traits were not on display late last month when the Supreme Court of Canada permitted a group of Ecuadorian villagers to try to enforce in Ontario a fraudulent $9.5 billion judgment issued by an Ecuadorian court against Chevron Corporation despite the fact that Chevron is an American company with no assets in Ontario and the dispute has no relationship to Canada. The Supreme Court’s overreach is a misguided and dangerous precedent that should not be followed elsewhere. Read more>>

September 29, 2015
Chevron lawsuit Donziger

DC Circ. Won’t Rehear $106M Chevron Award In Ecuador Row – Law360

The D.C. Circuit won’t reconsider its ruling that Ecuador owes Chevron and Texaco a $106 million arbitration award stemming from a decades-old dispute alleging the country misappropriated Chevron’s crude oil, as the court denied Ecuador’s requests for both a panel and an en banc rehearing. Read more>>

September 28, 2015
Fraud against Chevron in Ecuador

David A. Samson: The truth on Chevron case – Vallejo Times-Herald

The facts in the case are clear: A lawsuit was brought against Chevron Corporation in Ecuador in 2003, alleging that the company was responsible for a host of environmental and social issues in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Unable to produce any evidence to support their claims, the plaintiffs, led by American trial lawyer Steven Donziger, resorted to fraud — bribing judges and court officials, fabricating evidence and even ghostwriting the judgment in exchange for a $500,000 bribe. To cover up his misconduct, Donziger paid celebrities and environmental activist groups to support and promote the lawsuit in the media. Read more>>

September 15, 2015
Boulder's Stratus Consulting

Canadian Chevron Ruling Lays Out Enforcement Welcome Mat – Law360

The Canada Supreme Court’s recent decision that Chevron Corp. must face a bid to enforce a $9.5 billion pollution judgment puts a fresh litigation bull’s-eye on any multinational company operating in the Great White North, even if its Canadian unit has no real connection to a judgment’s underlying dispute. Read more>>

September 8, 2015
Fraud against Chevron in Ecuador

Chevron Settles with eDiscovery Vendor – Bloomberg BNA

The San Francisco eDiscovery vendor H5 announced Thursday it will relinquish its 1.25 percent interest in a $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron in Ecuador related to a decades-old oil pollution dispute in the Amazon. Read more>>

September 4, 2015
Fraud against Chevron in Ecuador

Chevron Pressures Another Foe to Fold in Ecuador Pollution Case – Bloomberg

The San Francisco litigation consultancy H5, which had joined forces with U.S. plaintiffs’ lawyers to attack Chevron over oil contamination in Ecuador, withdrew from the conflict and assigned its 1.25 percent interest in a pending $9.5 billion Ecuadorian judgment to the U.S. energy company. Read more>>

August 19, 2015
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Chevron’s arbitral award against Ecuador confirmed by D.C. Court of Appeals – Lexology

The D.C. Circuit affirmed the trial court’s holding that it has jurisdiction under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) to confirm an arbitral award in Chevron’s favor and rejected Ecuador’s argument that confirmation should be denied under the New York Convention. Chevron Corporation and Texaco Petroleum Company v. The Republic of Ecuador, No. 13-7103, (D.C. Cir. August 4, 2015). Read more>>

August 6, 2015
US Ecuador Relations - Ecuador political news

U.S. court rejects Ecuador challenge to $96 mln Chevron award – Reuters

A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday rejected Ecuador’s challenge to a $96 million international arbitration award in favor of energy giant Chevron Corp, marking the latest twist in a decades-long dispute over the development of oil fields in the South American country. Read more>>

July 27, 2015
Boulder's Stratus Consulting

Carroll: Boulder’s Stratus Consulting and the jungle crooks – The Denver Post

If participating in an international conspiracy to defraud an oil company isn’t enough to ruin your reputation, what would do it? The question arises because work by Stratus Consulting of Boulder — exposed for shameful conduct in Ecuador — is once again at the center of a dispute over a pollution settlement, this time on the East Coast. Environmental critics of a settlement between New Jersey and Exxon-Mobil say it is too low and cite a study by Stratus nearly 10 years ago that reached a vastly higher damage estimate. Read more>>

July 16, 2015
Amazon Watch Steven Donziger

Amazon Watch still backs Steven Donziger’s discredited Chevron lawsuit after others bail – The Washington Times

When a federal judge ruled last year that trial lawyer Steven Donziger’s team engaged in fraud to win a multibillion-dollar environmental lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador, both moral supporters and investors who funded the legal action began to bail. The specific evidence cited by the judge and the negative publicity was too much for backers such as Burford Capital and the Patton Boggs law firm, which renounced their involvement in the lawsuit. But not Amazon Watch, an environmental group dedicated to preserving the Amazon rainforests and fighting climate change that relies on celebrity donors such as actor and director Leonardo DiCaprio and billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer to fund its global work. Read more>>


June 23, 2015
Politics in Ecuador

Report reveals Ecuador staged protests against Chevron in the US – Hot Air

As you may recall, over the course of Ecuador’s attempted Chevron Shakedown, there have been sporadic protests in the streets wherever and whenever court actions were taking place. This included the hearings at the International Arbitration Tribunal, where people who were ostensibly environmental activists and “Friends of the Rain Forests” showed up to voice their displeasure with the energy giant’s unwillingness to pay off Steven Donziger and his fellow racketeers (I only use that term because the man was found guilty of racketeering as a result of the attempted shakedown). But were all of those protesters really just concerned citizens making their voices heard? That claim is looking pretty dubious at this point. Read more>>