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April 15, 2019

Dutch Supreme Court Rules for Chevron in Ecuador Dispute

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands has ruled in favor of Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX), rejecting the Republic of Ecuador’s attempts to annul decisions of an international arbitral tribunal in The Hague that ordered Ecuador to take all steps necessary to prevent enforcement of a $9.5 billion Ecuadorian judgment against Chevron anywhere in the world.

April 4, 2019

Fraudulent Ecuadorian Judgment is Unenforceable Against Chevron’s Canadian Subsidiary

The Supreme Court of Canada has rejected a request to review a decision of the Court of Appeal for Ontario that a $9.5 billion Ecuadorian judgment against Chevron Corporation cannot be enforced against Chevron Canada Limited.

September 7, 2018

International Tribunal Rules for Chevron in Ecuador Case

Ecuador Found Liable for Violating International Law, Supporting Fraud and Corruption

July 14, 2018

Steven Donziger Gets His Due – Wall Street Journal

Plaintiff attorney Steven Donziger’s attempted looting of Chevron for spurious environmental crimes in Ecuador ranks among the biggest legal scams in history. The law finally caught up to Mr. Donziger this week as a New York court pulled his legal license.

July 12, 2018
Steven Donziger

Chevron’s Longtime Nemesis Hits the End of the Road – Bloomberg

The plucky lawyer taking on the big corporation isn’t always in the right.

July 5, 2018
Chevron Ecuador case background

Argentine Appeals Court Rejects Fraudulent Ecuadorian Judgment Against Chevron

An appeals court in Argentina has rejected an attempt to enforce a fraudulent Ecuadorian judgment against Chevron Corporation, making Argentina …

June 26, 2018

Argentine Prosecutor Urges Appeals Court to Reject Fraudulent Ecuador Judgment Against Chevron

Argentina’s federal prosecutor’s office has recommended that an appeals court reject an attempt by plaintiffs’ lawyers to enforce a fraudulent $9.5 billion Ecuadorian judgment against U.S.-based Chevron Corporation in the country.

June 22, 2018

Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Fail in Bid to Extend Their Ecuador Fraud to Brazil

Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice (STJ) has certified that its November 2017 dismissal of the Ecuadorian plaintiffs’ recognition action against Chevron Corporation is final and no appeal is now possible.

May 26, 2018
Chevron Ecuador case background

Gibraltar Supreme Court Awards Chevron $38 Million Against Ecuadorian Conspirators

The Supreme Court of Gibraltar has issued a judgment against Pablo Fajardo, Luis Yanza, Ermel Chavez, Frente de Defensa de …

May 24, 2018

Canadian Appeal Court Affirms Dismissal of Suit Against Chevron Subsidiary, Rejects Attempt to Enforce Fraudulent Ecuadorian Judgment

The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld a lower Canadian court’s determination that an Ecuadorian judgment against Chevron Corporation, already …

May 18, 2018
Chevron lawsuit Donziger

Brazilian Court Confirms Rejection of the Fraudulent Ecuadorian Ruling Against Chevron

SAN RAMON, Calif. – May 17, 2018 — Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice (STJ) reaffirmed yesterday its rejection of the …

March 7, 2018
Steven Donziger

Donziger Must Pay $814K in RICO Fees to Chevron, Court Says

The cost of fraud just went up for Steven Donziger. A U.S. federal court in New York has ordered Donziger, mastermind of the Ecuadorian racketeering and fraud scheme against Chevron Corp., to pay the company $813,603 for his share of court fees from his 2013 RICO trial.